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Created by Ułan Electronics Sp. z o.o.
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The best way to start using our service

Register and get your API key.
1. Register and get your API KEY
2. Install curl
3. In terminal: crontab -e
4. Insert in last line:
* * * * * curl -X GET{YOUR API KEY HERE}
1. Register here
2. Download our PingMe Android app
3. Login with your credentials
4. Select desirable options
5. Click "PingMe"
1. Register and get your API KEY
2. Download cURL for Windows x32 or x64
3. Add to schtasks.exe your curl request
Getting status of your machines has never been easier
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Company info
Created in 2016 in Poland as importer of electronics from CHRL. Right now we are developing new creative technologies for our digitized world from websites to Android aplications. We provide tutorials about electronics and operating systems on our site. For inquiries you can contact us by email.
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You can contact us best by email. phone +48 531-558-219 place Bydgoszcz, Poland email
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